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Alex jones; patriot or master shill?

So much has been written and said about Texas radio host Alex Jones’ that one could write a fair-sized book about it. The following article is ALL summarized from open source information gathered by many people across th…

3 January 16, 2019
Israel’s “backdoor” into EVERYTHING we own

HOW ISRAEL HARDWARE BACKDOORED – EVERYTHING The Intel Management system. Or, the Israel Management System. A tiny “Arc Processor” sitting within the Intel CPU with it’s own custom version of Linu…

2 October 21, 2018
The Story of Obama: All in the Company

The Story of Obama: All in the Company By Wayne Madsen September 7, 2010 Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has discovered CIA files that document the agency’s connections to institutions and individuals figuring …

6 October 21, 2018
How the CIA made GOOGLE Part 2

Part 2 Why Google made the NSA Mass surveillance is about control . It’s promulgators may well claim, and even believe, that it is about control for the greater good , a control that is needed to keep a cap on d…

6 October 21, 2018
How the CIA made GOOGLE Part 1

by Nafeez Ahmed January 22, 2015 from Medium Website Dr Nafeez Ahmed is an investigative journalist, bestselling author and international security scholar. A former Guardian writer, he writes the ‘System Shift’ col…

7 October 21, 2018
Militia meltdown: Is Oregon standoff really about government insiders selling U.S. uranium to Russia? 1 February 18, 2019
Researchers find that Facebook is actually run by the Obama deep state 1 February 18, 2019
The true story of how Oprah Winfrey helped promote a mass rapist who ran a child slave farm 1 February 18, 2019
The Obama Hustle PROOF of fake SSN 1 February 17, 2019
Sandy Hook And Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number Connection 1 February 17, 2019
EXCLUSIVE… Cyber-Security Experts Release Damning Report: Why The DNC Was Not Hacked By the Russians 1 February 17, 2019
Nancy Pelosi's (D'Alessandro) Family History Has it All - Politics, Baltimore Mafia, Child Gang Rape, and Supposed Child Abuse/Pedophilia "Protection." 1 January 29, 2019
Twitter’s Jack Dorsey: Big Tech ‘Definitely Collude’ to Censor Undesirable Users 1 January 22, 2019
Strange Facts About Obama’s Portrait and its Painter Kehinde Wiley 1 November 17, 2018
Part 2: Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was 41st U.S. president 2 December 3, 2018
Part 2: Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. President 1 December 3, 2018
VIDEO: Trudeau foundation exposed 1 November 24, 2018
Cuba Claims Justin Trudeau Is Fidel Castro’s Son! 3 November 24, 2018
Snopes Now Have Power To ‘Shadowban’ Conservative Facebook Users 1 November 22, 2018
Retired Hospital Worker Drops Bombshell ‘Flu Shot Speech’ Before CDC Advisory Committee 1 November 22, 2018
Soros Lawyers Caught Helping Caravan Migrants Gain Entry Into America 1 November 22, 2018
Woman Claims Avenatti Dragged Her by Arm Across Floor 1 November 22, 2018
Are Our Tax Dollars Funding the Caravans? USAID, Hillary Clinton, CLINIC & Soros 1 November 18, 2018
Project Pelican: The secret Obama-era scandal that makes Uranium One look like a parking ticket 1 November 17, 2018
WikiLeaks Email Ties Apparent Clinton Pay-To-Play to Port Canaveral Deal with Family of Saddam Hussein’s Nuclear Mastermind 1 November 17, 2018
The Real Russia Story: Port Canaveral “Project Pelican” and Uranium One deals connected through the Jafars 1 November 17, 2018
Canadian Government Quietly Compensates Daughter of MKULTRA Victim 1 November 17, 2018
Samsung Launches a Site That Can “Erase Your Memory” With Hypnosis 1 November 17, 2018
The World Economic Forum Talks About Mind Control Using Sound Waves 1 November 17, 2018
[So what does Damien Hirst know about big pharma? On Baxter Labs based at Thousand Oaks, Tim Alefantis of Sanofi, COBRA, the NIH and biowarfare 1 November 16, 2018