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Epstein island MEGA INFO THREAD (Graphic)

EXCLUSIVE: Fully-equipped dentist chair, close-ups of young girls’ backsides and a teddy by his bed: Creepy images and video from inside the mansion of Clinton and Prince Andrew friend, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein FULL ART…

2 October 22, 2018
The #Pizzagate Wiki - These are the facts

WHAT IS PIZZAGATE? “All you need to know about pizzagate” WHAT IS PIZZAGATE.WIKI We are an open-source investigation organization which documents facts and sources about crimes, potential abuses of …

4 October 22, 2018
The Real Origins Of /r/Pizzagate & The Pizzagate/Pedogate Movement

The Truth Has No Bias: The Real Origins Of /r/Pizzagate & The Pizzagate/Pedogate Movement. (Part 1) fuckcensorship (47) in pizzagate • 11 months ago Wednesday 11/22/2017 marks a full a year since the /r/Pizzagate subr…

2 October 22, 2018
TED GUNDERSON’S Child Traffickening Documentation and/ The Finders C_A child trafficking investigation

texts Ted Gunderson Reports by Ted Gunderson Topics Ted, Gunderson, Reports, Gunderson, Reports Collection opensource Language english-handwritten The Ted Gunderson Reports “This CD contains all of this former FBI …

2 October 22, 2018
Fully Sourced Executive Summary of Pizzagate Evidence

(Updated 1/13/2017) We do not advocate vigilantism, and suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty. Disinformation Warning : Beware “black propaganda”, a tactic used to disrupt and discredit our investigation…

4 October 21, 2018
The Rachel Chandler Connection | pizzagate 5 March 23, 2019
The British Crown’s Pedo-Broker, Sir Jimmy Savile 1 March 8, 2019
Mainstream media “normalizing” pedophilia by featuring five-year-old girls wearing racy lingerie 1 February 18, 2019
Documents tie berkeley riot organizers to pro-pedophilia group, nambla 1 February 17, 2019
Property raided by Spec Ops on Feb 4th owned by Thomas Girardi, attorney for Allison Mack (pizzagate) 1 February 10, 2019
US Startup Company Is Harvesting Blood Of The Young To Sell To The Rich 1 January 22, 2019
Investigator Uncovers International Pedophile Ring, Protected by Police and Intelligence Agencies 1 January 22, 2019
Soy is making kids gay 5 January 20, 2019
Andrew Klineman Pizzagate connections 1 January 17, 2019
HRC and WJC Dined at THIS Pizzaria in 2012...and By Now, What We Found Should NOT Surprise You 4 January 16, 2019
Pitfire - Podesta’s New Pizzaria 1 December 17, 2018
Frank Sinatra Trafficked Underage Sex Slaves According To New FBI Files 1 December 10, 2018
Ex-Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones: The Group Was a “Prostitution Ring” 1 November 17, 2018
The Dream Boxes of Gloria Vanderbilt (Anderson Cooper's mother) 1 October 22, 2018
Today's Blind Items - State Protection 3 November 29, 2018
Is this what you want YOUR five-year-old learning about?!? orgasms, prostitutes, homosexuality for 5-year-olds 1 November 25, 2018
San Francisco: LGBT Lutheran Pastor And Friends Arrested In Child Porn Raid 2 November 24, 2018
VIDEO: Connect the peDOTS 1 November 24, 2018
UK Schools Urged To Show Hardcore Porn To Students 1 November 22, 2018
Florida School Threatens To Fire Male Coach For Not Watching Girl Shower 1 November 22, 2018
Conviction overturned for foster parent who forced 4 year old to drink his semen?!?! 2 November 20, 2018
Keith Haring NYC Fashion Designer and Artist 1 November 19, 2018
The Thousand Oaks and Las Vegas mass shootings, the California fires, a proposed high speed rail line which links Vegas to SoCal, and a human trafficking corridor 1 November 18, 2018
[Bishops & Vatican Slapped With Two RICO Lawsuits - WHOOPIE! 1 November 18, 2018
Jersey Police Chief Suspended As Claims Of Child Murders ‘Ripped Up’ 1 November 17, 2018