2018 Voter Fraud - Florida

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Soon after Republicans claimed the Senate, the media storm occured. First, Jeff Sessions resigned, Qanons experienced temporary adrenal dump after weeks of rallying autist content, and CNN’s star d**chbg was the first ever “media affiliate” to breach Trumps Community guidelines and have his account…er, I mean, Press Pass suspended. Then…a mass shooting occured in California (seperate post on this). What this all adds up to is one, familiar, disturbing, and disgusting distraction to what was actually happening in Texas, Florida, Alabama, Arizona and Washington State. SEVERE AND BLATANT Voter fraud. It’s 11/8/2018, 48 hours since the close of the election…and suddenly, we are now recounting votes with democrats in lead positions, where previously, they had none.

This post will be submitted in several parts addressing each state, the players and as many updates as we can provide in real time.

PART I - Florida
Florida is currently in the midst of a recount in several counties for the House of Representatives, FL Senate seat and Governor. Thousands of “new votes” were just found, some exceeding the total number of citizens residing in thise respective counties.

The mastermind behind all of this is the old Cabal - Clinton, Podesta, Soros and their minions. With the help from the “Atlas Project”, a 3rd party detailed analaysis of National voter demographics, historical data and poker-like probabilities mapped out, this data us what has now fueled “re-districting” in FL, “diversity initiatives”, and immigration policies to better serve what the Atlas Survery called “prime democratic target candidates”, as the Black, Hispanic and low-end of the socio-economic totem-pole (this should insult you…these people are sick). Specifically, in the campagn team’s correspondence (wikileaks) , Hillary’s agenda was to “talk about free shit” in front of this socio-demographic group, while “tabling” healthcare and economic growth discussions for a “more affluent crowd” (Wikileaks.com).

In Florida, a woman by the name of Brenda Sikes currently holds a leadership position as the Election Supervisor. She has maintained that role since 2003, even after being accused and convicted of interfering in a previous election. CITIZENS SHOULD SUE THE STATE FOR HARBORING THIS CRIMINAL WHO ROBBED THEM OF THEIR RIGHTS.

Brenda has met privately with Hillary Clinton as far back as 2008, and has been a staunch supporter of Barrack Obama, Gillam, and the Far-left political movement.

Brenda, now, in 2018 still holds this position and once again, has been unable to close the final count (even as we speak) which was due late Tuesday night (11/6). Miraculously, thousands of votes have surfaced since, which are almost exclusively for the Democratic opposition. Note, all states currently “re-counting” were won by Republican candidates.


Videos of trucks bringing in “ballots” have surfaced, along with federal agents, attorneys and other watchdog groups.

UPDATES - 9:41PM PST 11/8/2018
There is now a wildfire spreading across Newbury, CA near Thousand Oaks (location of the shooting). This is the hometown of the alleged shooter in the false flag operation that was likely intended to distract the nation, MSM, and law enforcement resources from the voter fraud referenced in this post. If this fire spreads, precious evidence is expected to be lost and/or the investigation delayed buying more time for demonrats to bury the trail much like the Blasley-Ford trial and Cesar Sayoc false flag.


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Anons have been on the scene in Florida taking footage at ballot counting locations of truckloads of ballots coming in. One Anon provided this footage below (see link to IG while it lasts).


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Cont’d - Brenda Snipes

There are over 27 unique cases against Brenda Snipes in Broward County alone. With just a handful or traffic infractions, the remaining cases involve victims of her manipulation of the voting system. Notably, in 2014, Brenda Snipes approved the removal of an Amendment she did not believe in (regarding Cannabis) from absentee/early voting ballots. This reduced the total number of people who could participate in their legal rigbt to vote, financially impacted the non-profit who raised $ to support, market and communicate the initiative to voters, and lastly, to the millions of people who may have benefitted from the initiatuve, should it have been approved.