An "Interesting" thing happened on the way to the 2016 election!

It was a little before the 2016 election. I was feeling really down as I saw no one worth voting for. Donald Trump had not yet entered as a candidate. Out of all of them, I figured Bernie was the best bet. I hated Hillary and Bush… so why not hit rock bottom with the lesser of the evils. Around this time I also started putting out a simple one line comment on YouTube. It simply read “God, PLEASE take the EVIL from AMONG US”. I’m not a religious person, but I guess you could call it my simple little prayer. I think the first place I posted it was on a Steve Quayle video about Antarctica on YouTube. A short time after this I saw Donald Trump had entered the election. I haven’t watched regular TV in about 20 years but I did know he hosted a program about firing people. That and he had been into real estate. Other than that, I didn’t know much about the man. But I figured he was better than Bernie and might have a chance at winning. The rest is history. A few months later I happened back to the original page where I posted my one line prayer/comment. I’d posted it other places but that was the first. I was amazed to see that thousands of people had thumbs uped my comment and even left their own comment about it. Did it have anything to do with Mr. Trump getting elected? I’d like to think so. With so many people in agreement, on a single thought… perhaps its worked. I continued to post that same line for months AFTER the election. And often people would thumbs up the comment. Then, on February 27th of 2019, just by chance my birthday… YouTube decided to delete my entire channel. 2 years work, unmonetized, 800 videos and about 7000 subscribers. My crime? I told the truth and didn’t accept money for doing so. I had become a Trump supporter and posted some of his speeches. A woman who claimed to be a Trump supporter and was anything but had started filing “3rd party copyright strikes” against my channel. My gut feeling is she and her crowd WORK for YouTube. It’s a nice safe way for them to quietly take down conservative Trump supporting channels. So once again… God, PLEASE take the EVIL from AMONG US! Anyone care to join me or comment? This is my first post on this platform. I STILL have no access to YouTube. It’s nice to know my tax dollars (and yours) went in to creating the delivery system YouTube uses to deliver THEIR product. Some of us deplorables can’t use it but its OK for them to make money off the Internet WE PAID TO CREATE. You might want to mention that the next time you leave a message on the WhiteHouse comment section. You can find it by clicking HERE I will be voting for Mr. Trump in 2020 and would like to return to YouTube. Maybe with all your help I can do so. Want to see some of the videos I posted? They are still on my Bitchute backup channel. You wouldn’t know it by doing a Google search. It only shows a few of the hundreds. Search on this and havd a look at ALL the videos “Bitchute+Gary A. DePietro” No fancy channel name. I never intended to start a channel for that many people… it just happened.

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have you tried
its abut the only place that hasnt censored us yet.

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