Anti - Semitism

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More on the issue of jewish subversion being the number one active threat in the West and the US at this moment in time, and how Israel uses US tax payer money to finance their subversive efforts (including online censorship and shilling/trolling).

>US tax money at work to censor you:

US Military Aid to Israel (3,6 billion USD per year (9,8 MILLION American tax dollars per day)) – IDF – Hasbara duty – Online shills

>By the way, Obama sent 36 billion USD to Israel has military aid in 2016, remember that the next time some jewish shill tries to tell you that Obama was against Israel

Remember these verifiable FACTS about US tax money and Israel military aid the next time you come across the porn shills, the FE shills, the concernfaggotry shills etc… If you’re an American tax payer, those people are getting your money to discredit you and put crap and disinfo in front of you while you try to make use of your 1st amend (and they would love nothing more than to make it illegal (and a mental illness) to make any kind of legitimate criticism on Israel and jewish subversion and supremacism).

And remember that plenty of those 9,8 MILLION American tax dollars that get sent to Israel each and every day are going toward supporting ISIS, and this is too a verifiable FACT

Press each and every politician to END THE US AID TO ISRAEL RIGHT NOW, refuse to finance the number 1 enemy of the West, Israel

Watch this:

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“Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it”

Description: Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni says it herself that: “Anti-semitic”, “its a trick we always use it” “to silence criticism of Israel” “In Europe we use the holocaust” “in America we say its “anti-semitic””

This explains so much. Great post!