Are Our Tax Dollars Funding the Caravans? USAID, Hillary Clinton, CLINIC & Soros


Are Our Tax Dollars Funding the Caravans? USAID, Hillary Clinton, CLINIC & Soros

Previous digs have identified two sources of caravan support: hands-on support from Pueblo Sin Fronteras and financial support from Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

In response to a summary of those results, an astute anon provided information on another important source of funding: the Federal government. Between 2009 – 2018, the USAID provided $4.2 million dollars in grants to CLINIC, the Catholic Legal Immigrant Network. The largest amounts were during the time that Hillary Clinton served as SOS. CLINIC is one of the two organizations which is known to receive funding from Soros’ Open Society Foundation, according to an April 2018 report by Glenn Beck:

Proof that Soros Donated to Caravan-Linked Groups: Glenn Beck has the Tax Data

Does this mean there’s a branch of our own government that’s funding the migrant caravan at the southern border? It sure looks that way.

The anon who provided the lead suggested this government funding of a Soros-backed group that appears to be involved in the current caravan was a holdover from the time that Hillary Clinton was SOS. She was an enthusiastic supporter of USAID, so much so that the Daily Beast ran an article in 2011 with the headline “Hillary Clinton’s Power Grab for USAID”:

When we consider how intimately involved USAID is with efforts to stop international child trafficking, it’s not surprising that HRC would take such a keen interest. Or that USAID would provide such generous funding to a group like CLINIC that promotes open borders.

CLINIC = The Catholic Legal Immigration Network. It was founded in 1988 by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, “to support a rapidly growing network of community-based immigration programs,” in respond to the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act that had made it possible for 2.7 million people to obtain permanent residence. Demand for low-cost immigration legal services skyrocketed. CLINIC’s creation enabled Catholic organizations to get the necessary training and institutional support to help meet that need.

Sounds neutral, doesn’t it? But in addition to offering immigrants services, it is a migrant advocacy group that seeks to counter “hateful, anti-immigrant rhetoric” by “amplify[ing] immigrants voices” and “defending” immigrants by “taking part in the federal rule-making process.” In other words, it’s a pro-migration lobby that supports DACA, promotes open borders, and opposes migrant detention.

CLINIC is one of the two main groups that reportedly funnels cash to migrants caravans, although exactly how this works his hard to pin down. Obviously, American groups do not want it known that they financially support migrant caravans. This would ruin the romantic image of the caravans as grassroots movements. However, Gateway Pundit recently published photos showing migrants in possession USAID bags:

In addition, three days ago, Paloma Zuniga (@PalomaforTrump) reported from Tijuana that observers there saw migrants on arriving buses collecting cash from Western Union all day long.

As a Catholic-based group, CLINIC takes advantage of the religious convictions of followers to gain support for migrants (website article: “How Catholic communities are crowdfunding fairer trials for immigrants”). This from a group supported by George Soros, a known atheist. One source I read suggested that they attract some migrants to the caravans by portraying them as a sort of Christian pilgrimage. “These people are sick.”

Here’s another one - The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. I searched on their DUNS #003260072. It isn’t just the caravan itself - it’s what happens when they get here.

USCCB has rec’d at least $50 million dollars a year since 2008 and that’s just a single agency which was listed in a general search using “Catholic” and “Resettlement” as search terms.

Catholic Relief Services is another one. (DUNS# 068205541). They’ve rec’d at least $208 Million dollars a year since 2008. The first grant that pops up under their DUNS is for +$500 Million for "RAPID EXPANSION OF ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY PROGRAMS ".

So yeah, the whole Catholic ‘relief’ agency thing is a huge dig.