Evangelical arm of Israel and its Lobby

Lots of focus on AIPAC lately, but there is another arm of the Israel lobby that is actively growing in influence: the Israel-loving evangelicals.

CUFI has recently passed 5 million members. That is 1 million more members in less than a year. They have been around since 2006, and this period of growth is probably unprecedented.

>Christians United for Israel continued its streak as the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States, passing 5 million members.

>“Not only is the size of our organization growing, our ability to make a difference is growing as well. Fueled by our members’ strong conviction and devotion, CUFI has been successful in driving consequential policy changes, from the passage of the Taylor Force Act to the relocation of the U.S. embassy in Israel and the withdrawal from the Iran Deal. We have no plans of slowing down; we’re eager to keep this momentum going to further strengthen our nation’s deep bond with Israel.”

https : //www.cufi.org/pro-israel-christian-group-tops-5-million-members/

How do you counteract this?



The evangelicals have a different type of power than the Jewish Israel lobby; they can provide a lot of votes.

>Eighty per cent of white evangelicals voted for him in 2016, and his popularity among them remains in the 70s. While other white voters have flaked away in the first two years of his presidency, white evangelicals have become his last solid bastion.

>Some leading evangelicals see Trump as a latterday King Cyrus, the sixth-century BC Persian emperor who liberated the Jews from Babylonian captivity.

>The comparison is made explicitly in The Trump Prophecy, a religious film screened in 1,200 cinemas around the country in October, depicting a retired firefighter who claims to have heard God’s voice, saying: “I’ve chosen this man, Donald Trump, for such a time as this.”

https : //www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jan/11/trump-administration-evangelical-influence-support


They also give vast amounts of money to Jewish causes.

>As head of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, or IFCJ, the New York-born rabbi raised more than $360 million in donations — mostly from Christians — for projects benefiting needy Jews and Arabs in Israel and beyond,

>Thanks to Eckstein, “today so many Christians from around the world stand in fellowship with Israel,” Rabbi Tuly Weisz, an author and publisher of the Israel National News website wrote in an obituary. “We, Jews and Christians together, mourn the tragic loss of a true bridge builder.”

http : //www.stljewishlight.com/news/world/rabbi-yechiel-eckstein-interfaith-activist-who-raised-million-in-christian/article_b8c3daf6-2a51-11e9-918c-fb1deb267d13.html

Evangelicals are so fucking stupid that they donate money to this.

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