HRC and WJC Dined at THIS Pizzaria in 2012...and By Now, What We Found Should NOT Surprise You

HILLARY & BILL CLINTON dined at Roberta’s Pizzaria on September 21st, 2012. Yes, the dilapidated, urine-drenched, and gum ridden shack hosted two of the most powerful mobsters in the world (and 33 of their closest friends), for over 5 hours.


It should be no surprise, by now, that the music that was provided that evening was by an up-and-coming Illuminati protege, Lia Ice, and that these fine, elegant politicians were surrounded by elegant works of art depicting “scared pizza slices riding the penis of a demonic spider with a 3rd, “All Seeing Eye”, or that the events at this location are highly…”spiritual” works depicting children (presumably dead since they are smiling-skulls), worshiping the “Ashera Pole”, while Ba’al is intermixed theoughtout the event flier.

These spray-paint graffiti murals are also quite “aggressive” and, if you look closely, the one below is depicting a monster eating a slice if pizza… with a deadpan face on it. Need more proof? Check out the upside cross with a “pizza sacrifice” on it? Mocking Jesus? Who openly worships?


Roberta’s official instagram openly MOCKS Pizzagate with their “Pizzagate Pale Ale” brewed by this gentlemen with an upside cross tattoo’d on his neck. They even threw a Pizzagate party! These people are SICK… flaunting baby dolla and baby artwork adorned in… you guessed it, PIZZA.

Below are the wikileaks screengrabs of the schedule and event from the HRC database.


image image image

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