Is this what you want YOUR five-year-old learning about?!? orgasms, prostitutes, homosexuality for 5-year-olds

Sex ed lessons offer graphic descriptions of orgasms, prostitutes, homosexuality for 5-year-olds

A disturbing dossier from 2014 exposes a wide range of graphic resources recommended for primary school lessons in the UK.

The shocking material – promoted by local councils and even the BBC – teaches youngsters about adult language and sexual intercourse.

There is a clear agenda being pushed to normalize the sexualization of children and it has even infected the schools.

The graphic material is among lessons aimed at teaching primary students in England about adult sexual terms, and giving them the low-down on how, exactly, they were brought into the world, the Daily Mail reports.

“As they cuddled, your dad’s penis moved gently inside your mum’s vagina and the sperms flowed out,” read one caption describing a cartoon of two adults in an intimate embrace.

Another graphic shows a child being tickled by a feather accompanied by a description of an orgasm:

“It’s a difficult feeling to describe, but if you can imagine a gentle tingly sort of tickle that starts in your stomach and spreads all over, that will give you some idea of what it’s like …” the caption read, according to the news site.

Those images and descriptions were among the illustrations in “How Did I Begin?”, one of numerous school-approved texts highlighted for their sexually explicit material in a recent report by the Christian Institute. Other objectionable books include “Let’s Talk About Sex” and “Let’s Talk About Where Babies Come From,” both by Robie H. Harris; “All About Us Living And Growing” – a DVD set by Channel 4 DVD; and “The Primary School Sex And Relationships Education Pack” by HIT UK, the Mail reports.

The British Broadcasting Channel also provides an educational video with full frontal nudity, as well as a computer generated images of genital for primary school sex ed lessons.

Other material approved by numerous primary schools in England includes graphic descriptions and adult language about erections, masturbation, prostitutes, homosexuality, anal sex and oral sex.

“Parents don’t want their children to be exposed to material which sexualizes them and most would be deeply upset if these materials were used with their primary-aged child,” Mike Judge, spokesman for the Christian Institute, told the Daily Mail.

If public bodies believe these resources are suitable for young children, there is clearly a problem with their judgment and more control needs to be given to parents,” he said.

The material is recommended for primary school aged students but the country’s Liberal Democrats are pushing for mandatory sex education. The Christian Institute report was compiled to illustrate the types of materials already in use, and to argue against compulsory sex ed, according to the Daily Mail.

“Labour had planned to amend legislation to introduce sex education topics into the National Curriculum for primary schools, which would have led to schools teaching pupils about contraception and civil partnerships from age seven,” the news site reports.

Currently it’s up to teachers to determine if sex education materials are appropriate for students in their classes, and parents have the right to opt their children out of the lessons, the country’s Department of Education told the Daily Mail.

Many of the lessons in the Christian Institute report erode “traditional moral values,” and that’s a serious problem that should concern parents, said Norman Wells of the Family Education Trust.

“It is vital that schools remain accountable to parents at the local level and, in line with the law, ensure that children are protected from inappropriate teaching and materials, having regard for their age and religious and cultural background,” he told the Daily Mail.

“Too many local authorities are taking their lead from the Sex Education Forum – a body that includes organizations that encourage sexual experimentation and aim to break down traditional moral standards,” he continued.

“Introducing sex education at an early age runs the risk of breaking down children’s natural sense of reserve. Far from being a hindrance, children’s natural inhibitions and sense of modesty in talking about sexual matters are healthy and provide a necessary safeguard against both sexual abuse and casual attitudes toward sexual intimacy later on.”

The children’s sex books by Robie H. Harris are among the same materials anti-abortion advocates in the United States have pointed to for laying the foundation for sexual impropriety and teen pregnancy among American students.

Public school sexual education programs run by pro-choice groups “break down the natural modesty (of students), they separate them from their parents and their values … and they eventually give them low-dose birth control pills they know they’ll get pregnant on,” former abortion clinic operator turned anti-abortion advocate Carol Everett recently told Progressives Today.

The sex education programs in elementary schools, which are run by left-wing pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood, use “several books – such as Robie H. Harris’ ‘It’s So Amazing,’ ‘It’s Perfectly Normal,’ and ‘It’s Not the Stork’ – to acclimate students to the idea of sex, and to promote sexual behaviors,” according to the news site.

Everett said third party sex ed instructors often work in collaboration with abortion clinic operators to encourage sex among teens, and to build a steady stream of public school girls as clients.

“We went to the schools as early as kindergarten,” Everett said, adding that in the early sex ed lessons instructors “are planting the seed that parents don’t know what they talking about

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