Jewish Dr. Stephen Steinlight admits to Jewish Supremacism

Jewish Dr. Stephen Steinlight admits to Jewish Supremacism (Pics #1 and #4)

Chutzpah as described by Jewish comedians: “Chutzpah is illustrated by a Jew who kills both his parents, then is convicted of the crime of killing his parents, then he goes before the judge and his counsel says you should have mercy because he’s an orphan.”

AIPAC, the most powerful and richest lobby in the US congress has huge meetings with congress. During one of these meetings, Cohen, quotes Greenblat, head of the Jewish supremacist Anti-Defamation League (ADL) saying, “It’s a long standing antisemitic trope connected to the idea that Jews are more loyal to Israel than their own country, or that US legislators for some conspiratorial reason, are more concerned about issues related to Israel than US national interests.”

Chutzpah for the establishment of Jewish elite: It’s not Jewish dual-loyalty, it’s sole and total loyalty to the Jewish people and to Israel first and foremost, no matter where you live or what your citizenship is. The Jewish media describes it for goyim as insolence, cheek, audacity, gall, nerve or boldness.

Jews have to keep coming up with defensive words like antisemitism & blood libel, here’s another one:

Canard: a groundless rumor to deceive people.