Jussie Smollett is Jewish! - Every! Single! Time!


Jussie Smollett is Jewish!!! - Every! Single! Time!

Regular anons probably already know the details but it’s good collection of facts that should to be shared far and wide. This is just the first chance I’ve had to post these from earlier today (yesterday now).

I swear, every subversive lie I hear from the MSM only activates a bigger sense of patriotism where I feel a duty to dig and share the truth even more than I already do…

We are the “Silenced” majority no longer. We are the news.

  • Good tip I found in 1st pic: Bypass the censoring bots with “Jue” or “Jue ish”, at least for a while until they add it to the algorithms. They probably have text-phonetic capabilities but I doubt they’re enabled on any of the social media platforms yet.

Every. SINGLE. Time. :thinking: Great post!!


Crazy, it seems like his whole family is tied to kamala

It’s obvious just by the timing alone that this was ore arranged to fit her bill, but the fact that there’s SO MANY photo ops with her and the smolett family it raises some serious flags.

Did the smolett family follow her around like a band of groupies? OR do they have some kind of bond we are not aware of yet…

Occam’s razor says the simplest answer tends to be the right one…