Kapparot, the Super Creepy Ritual Animal Sacrifice of the Ashkenazi Jews

Source Credit: some of the text/outline below is paraphrased and/or was sourced from https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korban

Throughout history, ritual human and animal sacrifice was practiced around the world. We see evidence of this in ancient archeological artwork, burial procedures and documented spiritual texts. In the old testament (Bible) and the Torah (Jewish “old testament”), as a precursor to Jesus, many Semitic tribes practiced the sacrifice of cattle, goats, lambs and even references the pagan sacrifice of people. With the new testament, and the sacrifice of Jesus, the acts of animal sacrifice in the followers of Christ (Christians), began to dwindle, and even the Jewish Rabbinic leadership began to condemn acts of animal sacrifice as “too similar” to polytheistic cults and discouraged it among the tribes that are most similar to today’s Sephardim and Mizrahi branches of Judaism.

So What is Kapparot?
Not a lot is known about the evolution of Judaic ritual sacrifice, but, amongst mostly ultra orthodox Hadisic, Ashkenazi and Kabbalah practitioners of Judaism, the practice of hiring Rabbi’s to pray over a person and cast their sins into chickens as a proxy for the individual, as a means of “atonement”, is still practiced today. The animal, after having “received” the persons sin through incantations and prayers, is slaughtered. It is said that the individual is absolved of their sins and can move forward in the “New Year”, or, “Yom Kippur”.

What may surprise many Christians and anti-Talmudic Jews, is that the process of slaughtering chickens and ritual sacrifice is openly practiced all over the world, including the United States. Below is an image of Hasidic Jews in New York practicing animal sacrifice in the streets, with children and rabbi’s soaked in the animals’ blood.

Although publicly, in modern times, the ritual sacrifice is limited to chickens, Jews used to practice ritual sacrifice of bulls, goats and offerings to “Azazel”, Azazel (Hebrew: עֲזָאזֵל; Arabic: عزازيل‎,). In almost every ancient text or Romanic, Phoenician, Arabic, Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew origin, Azazel is a demon, fallen angel or sometimes, the Devil himself. Why would Jews, so often grouped with “Christians” as “Judeo-Christians”, provide Ritual sacrifice to LUCIFER, SATAN, the DEVIL himself?

According to ancient texts dated around the Second Temple period, Azazel was responsible for introducing humans to forbidden knowledge. His role as a fallen angel remains in most Abrahamic faiths, and also associated with demons or the Devil in the muslim sects.

As a part of the official day of atonement, Jews historically followed the ritual sacrifice of bulls, called, by the Semikha (holy hands of the Kohen Gadol) or the “authorized Rabbi’s” that were empowered to perform the rituals. As a side bar, the hand gestures and symbols were very important to the Kohen Gadol, much like Freemasons and other secret societies. In fact, “coincidently”, the hand gestures are the same as many illuminati, or Black Magick symbols we know of today.

Below is the most common aaronitic symbol, similar to the vulcan greeting in popular science fiction movies, that designated the “power/authority” of the Kohan Gadol priests.

Back to the main theme of this pait, the Kohen Gadol (Semikha/Rabbis) made a confession over the bull on behalf of himself and his household, pronouncing the Tetragrammaton or the Hebrew concept of Yahweh which is transliterated in four letters as YHWH or JHVH and articulated as Yahweh or Jehovah .

Another ritual, called, the Lottery of Goats was performed. The Kohen Gadol drew lots from a lottery box over two goats. One was selected “for the Lord”, and one "for Azazel”. The Kohen Gadol tied a red band around the horns of the goat for “Azazel”.

Sprinkling of Bull’s Blood in the Holy of Holies The Kohen Gadol took the bowl with the bull’s blood and entered the Most Holy Place again. He sprinkled the bull’s blood with his finger eight times, before the Ark in the days of the First Temple, where it would have been in the days of the Second.

The Kohen Gadol then left the Holy of Holies, putting the bowl on a stand in front of the curtain separating the “Holy of Holies” (Ark of the Covenant and modern day hebrew scrolls like the Torah or Talmud).

Goat for the Lord as Sin-Offering for Kohanim The Kohen Gadol went to the eastern end of the Israelite courtyard near the Nikanor Gate, laid his hands on the goat “for the Lord”, and pronounced a confession on behalf of the Kohanim (priests). He then slaughtered the goat, and received its blood in another bowl.

Sprinkling of Goat’s Blood in the Holy of Holies
The Kohen Gadol took the bowl with the goat’s blood and entered the Kadosh Hakadashim, which is the holiest of places in the Synagogue. This is where allegedly the Ark of the Covenant was kept and only priests could entered or be “smited” by God.

The priests sprinkled the goat’s blood with his finger eight times, the same way he had sprinkled the bull’s blood. The blood was sprinkled before the Ark in the days of the First Temple, where it would have been in the days of the Second Temple.

Smearing of blood on the Golden (Incense) Altar The Kohen Gadol removed the goat’s blood from the stand and mixed it with the bull’s blood. Starting at the northeast corner, he then smeared the mixture of blood on each of the four corners of the Golden (Incense) altar in the temple. He then sprinkled the blood eight times on the altar.

The alter, above the Ark of the Covenant, was often blood stained and surrounded by golden “bull or goat horns” at the “four corners” of the square alter. If you’re a Christian, you know God’s commandments an were to never “edify” God and to “abandon” false idols like the “golden calfs and bulls” of the pagans that were encamped with the Semitic people.

Goat for Azazel
Yes, a sacrifice to the Devil. Just like many occult societies and theologies, balance between “darkness” and “light”, and being at peace with both aspects was encouraged in these ancient traditions.

For those that have studied secret societies or modern day occultism, the concept of duality is symbolic and often represented by the “Star of David”, which we know was a symbol of Ba’al worship by the pagan Canaanite tribes and not the symbol for God’s chosen people, also has occult meaning and is not part of the original, Sephardic/Mizrahi worship post the law of Moses and for Christians, post the birth and death of Jesus. I mention this here to draw parallels between modern occultism and ancient Babylonian Semitic practices… and ultimately what may be indicators of the infiltration of the largest religious institutions in the world by Satanic / Occult entities (Catholicism, Judaism, etc).

Anyways, so, the Kohen Gadol left the Temple and walked to the east side of courtyard. The priest leaned his hands on the goat “for Azazel” and confessed the sins of the entire people of Israel. While he made a general confession, individuals in the crowd at the Temple would confess privately. The Kohen Gadol then sent the goat off “to the wilderness”. In practice, to prevent its return to human habitation, the goat was led to a cliff outside Jerusalem and pushed off its edge.

Preparation of sacrificial animals
While the goat “for Azazel” was being led to the cliff, the Kohen Gadol removed the insides of the bull, and intertwined the bodies of the bull and goat. They were burned there after it was confirmed that the goat “for Azazel” had reached the wilderness.

Offering of Rams
The Kohen Gadol offered two rams as an olah offering, slaughtering them on the north side of the mizbeach (outer altar), receiving their blood in a bowl, carrying the bowl to the outer altar, and dashing the blood on the northeast and southwest corners of the Outer Altar. He dismembered the rams and burned the parts entirely on the outer altar. He then offered the accompanying mincha (bread/grain) and nesachim (wine).
Sound like Catholic mass and the communion of the “Body of Christ”?? Hmmm…

Burning of Innards
The Kohen Gadol placed the insides of the bull and goat on the outer altar and burned them entirely.

Controversies and Present Day Occultism
It is important to note that the more ancient Jewish tribes/sects (Sephardim, Mizrahi) did not accept the practice of ritual sacrifice, which was considered pre-Mosaic practices and too similar to the “pagan”, “monotheistic” practices of the non-Jews. The Ashkenazi and Kabbalic leaders, however, pushed this agenda and over time became the majority. If you haven’t read my other post on the Khazares and Ashkenazi “fake jews”, I recommend taking a few minutes to understand why these distinctions are important. I won’t be going into detail here. Now, ritual animal and human sacrifice practiced by Hadisic/Ashkenazi jews, and sadly, has returned/poisoned the practices of the Sephardic and Mizrahi traditions, mirrors modern day Satanic rituals, VooDoo and “witch doctor” shamanism, and ancient Greco-Roman pagan worship. Below are the “Kapparot-like” traditions being conducted by a Mexican Satanic church (some say the foundational initiations of the MS-13 gangs) which are almost exactly n’sync with the rituals of Hasidic jews.
image image

Aleister Crowley, one of the most sinister figures in Occultism in the last 100-200 years, not only recommends blood sacrifice, but goes as far to promote human sacrifice as a means of living an eternal life. Below is a quote taken from the book “Magick in Theory and Practice” by Aleister Crowley.

“OF THE BLOODY SACRIFICE: AND MATTERS COGNATE - It is necessary for us to consider carefully the problems connected with the bloody sacrifice, for this question is indeed traditionally important in Magick. Nigh all ancient Magick revolves around this matter. In particular all the Osirian religions — the rites of the Dying God — refer to this. The slaying of Osiris and Adonis; the mutilation of Attis; the cults of Mexico and Peru; the story of Hercules or Melcarth; the legends of Dionysus and of Mithra, are all connected with this one idea. In the Hebrew religion we find the same thing inculcated. The first ethical lesson in the Bible is that the only sacrifice pleasing to the Lord is the sacrifice of blood;”

In ancient VooDoo traditions, the SAME Babylonian / Khazar/ Ashkenazi rituals and chicken, goat, bull offerings are made to satanic forces to “appease their wrath” and free a victim from bondage.

So, when someone says “Ancient Judeo-Christian rituals”, what we MUST understand that the only linkage here is that Jesus was sacrificed by a branch of semitic people (Pharisees, not Sadduces that came from pagan Rome BTW). Some of the scariest most occult practices share divination, tarot, witchcraft, blood sacrifice, and devil worship … which has more in common with ancient Canaanite rituals than the original Israeli tribes (Northern African people) than any Christian faith practiced today.


Thank you for putting this together and posting truth. I am more aware after reading this. No hate no hurt no condemnation. Just reflecting on what I’ve read. Thinking of how I will use this edification to further my individual efforts with those around me who wish to remain asleep, those who are repentant and lost, those who are hopeful yet ineffective at everything. Heavy heart tonight. But “ Joy comes in the morning “ !!! AMEN. Goodnight brothers ( and sisters ) !!

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Amen! Thank you for life-giving and thoughtful comment! #godwins

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Just lost an online friend. I work with him in real life. Guess I’m disturbing his daily slumber. Praying for him. He hates this truth. It’s good to know that you have the truth. We are blessed! Jesus is the reason!!!

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K last post. I was raised in northern Virginia. My middle school where we played basketball was Godwin middle school. We were the Godwin Governors lady team. It’s so prophetic that you said Godwins! Yes He does. Maybe I’ve been on this path for a lifetime? Thank you for your encouragement and for your support dnd for your commitment to this page! Whiterabbits is family to me!!! Good night truth team!!!

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