Khazars Part I : The False Jews Infiltrated Judaism, Islam and Catholism

Khazars (Czars, Caesars, Kaisers…) were an immense empire founded by a small band of elite pagans who encouraged their subjects to be comprised of multiple religions, ethnicities and encouraged conflict to maintain control of their subjects (sound familiar, Freemasons?).

Their wealth came from human trafficking and using the Babylonian Black Money Magick to charge people in return for nothing.

Their original, pagan-faith is known as Tengari (Worship of the Sky God). This is a polytheistic faith that parallels ancient Greek and Roman cults of Apollo, Horus, and Zeus dieties with parallels to ba’al worship in the form of bull/horse and elk worship. Their shamans were often called “Devil priests” by foreigners due to their demonic appearance and blood worship.

There are no coincidences and it may not surprise you to know that the Rothschilds threw masquerade balls depicting costumes of these costumed priests.

Regionally, their empire spanned from the Caucus mountains, through present-day Turkey and Russia.


At one point, the Khazars infiltrated Rome
They infiltrated ancient Rome through the marriage of Empress Tzitzak and Constantine. Their son, Leo IV the Khazar (now Caeser/Czar), sealed the union between the pagan Khazars and the Christian Roman Kingdom in the 700’s AD.

In the 8th Century, they were made to choose (1) Abrahamic faith (Christianity, Islam or Judaism) and chose Judaism and converted by blending their pagan / black magick (ba’al worship) with the true Jewish faith (Sephardim / Mizrahi Jews). Recent DNA testing is now proving that the majority of today’s Jews (Ashkenazi “nazi” jews) are actually NOT of Semitic bloodlines like the Mizrahi and Sephardim, but from the Caucus/Scythia/Khazar region stemming from the 8th century conversion.

The Rothschilds, Ashkenazi/Khazar jews, moved to Germany under the surname “Bauer” which they later changed to Rothschild. They have systematically maintained their stronghold by continuing their ancient legacy of pagan/blood worship blended with Judaism, pushing for conflict to maintain control, and the original bread and butter of the Khazars, “Human Trafficking”. One interesting thing about the Khazars is that they maintained no “loyal” armies, but instead, had only PAID mercenaries. Sound like the mob to you? Wonder why it’s hard to connect Obama and Clinton to historic bloodlines? What is the connection? Money. Money is what bound people to the Khazars and MONEY is what binds them today.

TODAY’S JEWS have been infiltrated. The Catholic Church has been INFILTRATED. This IS the biblical synagogue of Satan, the false jews.

A quick search through CIA FOIA files reveals a staggering amount of content regarding the “growth population” of Arab (Sephardic) Jews and how there is “global concern about Sephardim population outpacing the Ashkenazi”. Why would “fellow Jews” be a concern to the Ashkenazi governing elite? Why belittle your fellow man? Is it because perhaps the Ashkenazi are an entirely different sect unrelated to the biblical jews? You be the judge.


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