Nathan Phillips connected to Rockefellers, Open Society AND Bill Gates?

The world was abuzz when the story broke of a group of Maga-hat wearing Catholic kids were throwing racial slurs at an old, Native American man at a March for Life event. Anons and Autists knew something was not right. So we dug.

Nathan Phillips, former director of the Native Youth Alliance went on a mass media tour playing the victim. That is, until new footage revealed he approached the kids (who had little room to move) and chanted with a feather inches from a MINORS face. The young man, who stood still and did NOTHING, was attacked by celebrities, social media, and liberal crazies for being white, wearing a maga hat, and being male. Attacked, is a understatement. These kids were threatened with violence and even doxxed by Kathy Griffin.


As it turns out, Nathan Phillips, is an actor. He played a role in the 2012 film Beneath Earth and Sky, and also had a role in Skrillex’s music video his son.

Looking further into Phillips’s non-profit, Native Youth Alliance, there are questionable donors on the list, with of course, includes Soros’s Open Society backing the organization via donations fo foundations that then in turn, send $ to Native American foundations. Other notable donors? Bill Gates, Rockerfeller and the Common Counsel. All elite, cabal who traffick people, shoot ‘em with vaccines, and intentionally divide the SHEEP to keep us in check.

Crazy enough, all you have to do is look just a little further into this man’s history and you realize, THIS HAS HAPPENED before! In 2015, Phillips aproached a group of college kids in/near Eastern Michigan University. He crossed a fence to incite an “altercation”, which he then went to the media to play the victim. SAME NARRATIVE.

WAKE UP, PEEPS! This man is a fraud and a crisis actor who INTENTIONALLY incites tension and altercations between “white, conservative, males”, all to PLAY THE VICTIM. Native Americans have prospered more than EVER under Trump. Everytime an illegal immigrant takes an American job, it hurts Native Americans. This is fake news, staged by Buzzfeed, and paid for by the NWO elitists.

The more you know.