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Nobody Died at
Sandy Hook
It was a FEMA Drill
to Promote Gun Control
Jim Fetzer and Mike Palecek
Save the World/Resist the Empire Series
Mike Palecek, Chuck Gregory, Jim Fetzer
Series Editors
The Dynamic Duo: White Rose Blooms in Wisconsin
And I suppose we didn’t go to the Moon, either?
Nobody Died at Sandy Hook
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Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control
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Mike Palecek / Some Conspiracy Theories are True ix
Contributors xlv

Jim Fetzer / Thinking about Sandy Hook: Reality or Illusion? 1
Part I: Early indications something was wrong

  1. James F. Tracy / Medical Examiner: More questions than answers 19
  2. Dr. Eowyn / Six Signs Sandy Hook Elementary School was Closed 29
  3. Jim Fetzer / Wolfgang Halbig Goes for the Jugular in his FOIA Hearing 39
  4. Jim Fetzer & Dennis Cimino / Shannon Hicks denies staging her “iconic”
    photograph 47
    Part II: How we know Sandy Hook was an illusion
  5. Vivian Lee / Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax 57
  6. Jim Fetzer / Even Obama offcials confrmed that it was a drill 101
  7. Allan William Powell (with Kelley Watt) / Fixing a Prop: Furnishing the
    Lanza Home 117
  8. Allan William Powell / Setting the Stage: Refurbishing the School 139
    Part III: Further Proof Nobody died at Sandy Hook
  9. Dr. Eowyn / No one died at Sandy Hook: The Social Security Death Index 161
  10. Dr. Eowyn & Jim Fetzer / Sandy Hook: CT crime data confrms FBI Report 169
  11. Jim Fetzer & Kelley Watt / Are Sandy Hook skeptics delusional with “twisted
    minds”? 177
  12. Sterling Harwood / Every Grain of Sandy Hook: & plausible
    deniability 187
    CONTENTS (continued)
    Dennis Cimino / The Nexus of Tyranny: Tucson, Aurora and Sandy Hook 195
    Nick Kollerstrom / Sandy Hook: Analogies with the 7/7 London Bombings 209
    Appendix A: The FEMA Manual for the Sandy Hook Drill 219
    Appendix B: Nick Kollerstrom / The 20 Children and their Homes 239
    Appendix C: James F. Tracy / Sandy Hook School Massacre Timeline 245
    Appendix D: Crime Prevention Research Center: Comparing Murder and
    Homicide Rates before and after Gun Bans. 355
    Index 361