Pitfire - Podesta’s New Pizzaria

John “Skippy” Podesta was spotted at a new pizza joint… and it’s beginning to feel a lot like Comet Ping Pong 2.0.

The Art
Pitfire Pizza is part of a broader group of restaraunts owned by the Gonzo Food Group. The art and music scene of Pitfire, Superba and Gesso are remiscent of Comet Ping Pong and other popukar Podesta Art pieces circa 2015/2016.

Nothing like a little “child sacrifice” art to enjoy as you mosey into this “family friendly” jaunt.

This one speaks for itself. Killuminati/Occult eyes and pyramids. Nothing to see here.

Here’s Pitfire’s sister restaraunt and it’s creepy decor and a few other snaps from the interior of the Gonzo Group’s restaraunts.

The Music
Like Comet Ping Pong, Pitfire is known for it’s music scene. Like Comet Ping Pong, onmy the raunchiest, satan-worshipping bands will do.

Here’s the band, “Pottymouth”, who played at their “family friendly” ping pong event this year.

Oh, and here’s a shout out from Pitfire’s IG to another satan-loving musician, Robert Plant.

The Owners
Paul J. Hibler and David Sanfield own Pitfire (and a few other restaraunts). Paul is a huge fan of new-agey spirituality, and even has an interesting choice of spiritual guides and teachers. Here are a few shots of Paul’s “spiritual practices”.

Paul’s “spiritual guide”, an Armenian Occultist (Marina Abramovic 2.0 anyone) Armenia named Natalie Organs is pictured self-depicting hersef as Isis, covered in snakes and “guiding women” in the snaps below.

More troubling are images with pedo symbols of Hibler’s own child and friends.

David Sanfield, the more “reclusive owner” is married to Savannah Sanfield who is a child and family psychogist (of course she is) who supports various child psych foundations. Here are snaps of them below (along with an image from the handtohand.org site Savannah peddles and the “pedo artist” pillow being tossed around by a child).

More troubling are the known pedo symbols and inappropriate images of a naked child on Savannah’s social media.

Crumbs from other Anons
Other Anons (on Voat / Reddit / chans) have been circulating these finds below.


Final Thoughts
So, Anons, do we have another string of Comet Ping Pongs here? Are the Hibler’s / Sanfields nutty hippies or cut from the same satanic cloth as the rest of the Clinton / Podesta cabal and associates? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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