Property raided by Spec Ops on Feb 4th owned by Thomas Girardi, attorney for Allison Mack (pizzagate)

Property raided by Spec Ops on Feb 4th owned by Thomas Girardi, attorney for Allison Mack (pizzagate)
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So once again the good patriots on Twttr have provided the goods. I Am just sharing what I came across on there and give full credit to all those who put it together. I wont name or share their Twttr accounts as I don’t feel I should and don’t want to draw attention to them, but if you see this thank you for helping put it all together.

Thank you to the person that managed to capture the raid on video hereYouTube showing 3 miltary helicopters landing in a downtown LA street to which troops ran from the buildings and piled into. Just after the 3 leave a blackhawk then lands and another group comes out of the building and appear to have a person captured which the OP has shown hereImgur Album. It was origanlly stated that this may be a training OP but then those in the know said that it just wouldn’t make sense to be training as it is far too much of a risk of lives and public safety. People in the area also spoke of hearing bangs at the same time which are said to have been flash bangs from when the building was breached.

Why is this relevant to PG? Because the building they breached and took a target from is owned by Thomas Girardi high profile attorney and currently representing Allison Mack in her case.

ThisImgur Album is the building they raided. The current leaser is Eduardo G Sanchez and Guatemalan House of CultureImgur Album both the owner and leaser are attorneys. They both have investments in law firms, big pharma, casinos, labs and cold storage… Go figure. OP also notes than on the list of investmentsImgur Album that the Guatemalan House of Culture is NOT listed. Op also states that Girardi investments have been linked to human trafficking, cloning, organ harvesting and MK to name a few. Also said to have close ties to the Clintons and Clare Bronfman.

The leaser of the building also has questionable investmentsImgur Album.

As OP said, this seems to be a whole new rabbit hole…

The building next door is also tied to Girardi and resembles a creepy looking templeImgur Album I noticed also that there is the high set roller door there for loading/unloading yet there appears to be a street light in front of it and a gutter… Then to the left of that it looks like another door has been bricked up. Not sure what this place is but it looks creepy as fuck.

Girardi is also linkedImgur Album to the building on the left sideImgur Album of the one that was raided.

So I’m sure there will be more to come about all this in the coming weeks as this seems to be all eerily connected to PG.