Scott Wiener Another Liberal Pedo Politician

Scott Weiner, born in Philadelphia to a progressive Jewish family, ultimatly became an attorney and politician in the great State of California… and just like the rest of Cali’s elected officials, took a big shit on their citizens, children, housing and a persons basic right to safety. Here’s Scott Wiener at a BDSM festival in SFO.

Among his controversial bills were to extend bar hours to 4am, create additional genders, and even decriminalizing the intentional exposure of people to HIV which Weiner said unfairly singles people out. (Side note, Weiner was paid by the makers of PRep, a preventive HIV / AIDS medication in 2014 to push their poison… no conflict of interest here though).

So, before we get to the headline, let’s recap. Wiener decriminalizes HIV, creates new genders (to keep things fluid), thus, increasing the risk of a NEW SFO AIDS PANDEMIC… which has a direct correlation to his lucrative deal with the pharmaceutical company that pushes the PrEP drug. Sounds like a democrat to me.

In the latest, dehumanizing and anti-American legislation peddled by Wiener, he has now pushed for RELIEF of sex offenders from having to REGISTER! Don’t worry, it’s not ALL sex offenders, just the ones who violate kids under that have a less than or equal to age difference of 10 years, no big deal, it’s not like it counts according to his Zionist / Joo upbringing. This means, a 19 year old could abuse a 9 year old and not have to register and so forth. Yes, I saw this circulating online and actually couldn’t believe it was true until I looked it up myself.

California has one the highest sex offender registration per capita in the Nation. So, clearly, there’s a problem here with sex crimes. Let’s make that better by “relieving” these “poor miscrients” if they assault kids instead of adults.

Wake Up Slaves.