The British Crown’s Pedo-Broker, Sir Jimmy Savile

A Monster in the Monarchy
Over the course of 50 years, Jimmy Savile molested, abused, raped, allegedly murdered, stalked, and threatened over 300 minors, hundreds of corpses

Sir James Savile was an English DJ, television and radio personality who hosted BBC shows including Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It. He raised an estimated £40 million for charities and at the time of his death was widely praised for his personal qualities and as a philanthropist.

Jimmy gained notoriaty not just for his television series, and radio shows, but for his unusally close relationship with the monarchy. As many know, the British Monarchy is fiercly private and prides itself in their “neutral”, “cold” and “aloof” public personas.

In public, it was hard to miss the respect, effection and admiration the monarchy had for such a wild, obnoxious and seemingly crude man.

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Crimes of Savile
His rampage was documented as early as the 1960’s, when Savile was ~34 years old. He, somehow, was guven full access to all government hospitals, mortuary’s patient rooms, and psych wards. Under the guise of being a “patron/philanthropist” of childrens “causes”, Savile began to rape and pilage children as yung as 2 years old.

During the next 20-30 years, he would abuse dying, sick and vulnerable patients, often, obsessing over his favorites and stalking them through Britain. Also during this time, Savile was grabted some of the highest civilian and awards and accomensations by both the Pope and British Monarchy.

Savile was obsessed with the dead and was often found wandering around the morgues of Britain’s largest hospitals. There are several reports of Savile being seen having sex with dead bodies and bragging about his necrophiliac tendencies. Just like the Hollywod big wigs touting the red-shoes made of their human pedo victims, Savile also took tokens of his conquests and kept body parts, including glass eyes. These, he made into jewlery that he openly wore in front of the monarchy.

Here he is pictured with Princess Anne and his giant “glass eye” necklace.

Scandel Breaks
In 2011, the scandal finally broke. After hundreds of victims, and thousands of eye witnesses over the decades, Savile was now at the mercy of “The People”. Several news outlets threatened to run articles, with even some claiming that investigative officers and journalists wound up mysteriously dead over the decades.

Shortly after the scandal made the mainstream media in the UK, Savile died of “pneumonia”.

Savile’s relationship with the monarchy was widely censored, with little to no local news outlets reporting on the curious coincidence of the relationship that conpounded the rumors of the monarchy’s penchant for human trafficking and dining on human flesh.

This scandal is a huge case study for all the sheeple out there that don’t understand why anyone would suspect the generous and charitable Clinton, Soros and Gates families of crimes against humanity. They falsley represent the charities and movements that they themselves are exploiting.