The Temperance Movement, The Social Engineering of Prohibition by the Global Elite

The “Temperance Movement”, like many other Hegelian Dialects, Propaganda and False Flags, was engineered (premeditated) by elite families (see slide 2 with excerpt from the CIA file “Bloodlines of the Illuminatis”).

This social engineering tapped right into the psyche of women first, due to the Elite funded Christian Women’s group that made fellow women feel i ferior if they supported alchohal, and even portrayed them as “haggard” if their husbands drank.

To men, their egos were busted with “tough soldiers” making them feel like “desserters” for not supporting this important cause.


Lastly, they attacked the family… throwing death statistics and fear-mongering to nail the coffin shut and obtain public support.

The Bronfmann, Onassis Shipping Dynasty, Churchill, Roosevelt, Kennedies (and many, many others) made a FORTUNE bootlegging THEIR “juice”…

How many other “false flags” and/or social engineered propaganda have we lived through, making the elite rich?

The Soros backed protestors, the fake news, the “anti-white movement” and “abortion support”? The common denominator is that ((they)) KNOW that YOU have to be managed and persuaded. We The People are far too powerful to leave it “on whim”, so (((they))) convince you that the choice was YOURS all along. How do you step out of the Hegelian loop? Facts. Science. Don’t accept “this” or “that”, there are ALWAYS more options than what they put in front of you.