Why are children and elderly the majority of all major vaccination injuries?

I downloaded 10 years of VAERS data recently, and have begun digging into the content. An interesting, but not surprising, soundbite is that children and elderly (65+) make up over 75% of all reported major injuries (death, life threating, and/or permanent disability).

Naturally, one would go to the most obvious solution (… because Occom’s Razor…) and that is that that these two ago groupings do not have the immune resiliency and/or physical independence to handle the “known” vaccine side effects, and are more likely to experience aide effects. My only answer to this, is why are these two populations … not experiencing vaccine reform? In fact, with such a shocking statistic like that, the last thing ANYONE would expect is that these two age groups are actually being given MORE and MORE inoculations in the CDC’s vaccine schedule.

Radical Theories
So, if this, easy to find, correlation between age and injury is a known data point, and yet more drugs are being pushed their way… what other reasons are there?

• Is this because ages 0-18 are too much of a burden “on society”, or long term, “Agenda 21/Population Control” is easier to implement and predict if children are the first to go?

• Is the 65+ too much a burden on the government while not contributing to the coffers of the global elite?

• Is the prime population, ages 18-55, much too valuable and generating "most of the income” for the Central Banks and their families?

• Is getting YOU sick early in life, or later in life, a guarantee of payment to Big Pharma due to gov’t sponsor financial programs? (Medicare/Medicaide)?

Whatever the reason, or reasons, America needs to wake up and hold these companies accountable for quality, and our government free of tyranny as we decide the products we put in our bodies, not the fake news or global elite.