Zionism is both “Christian” and “Jewish” right? WRONG!, heres why;


”And they set them up images and groves in every high hill, and under every green tree…and wrought wicked things to provoke the LORD to anger”
– 2 Kings 17:11

Druid is derived from Derwes or Dru meaning “Tree” and Wid “To Know”. The Druid “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” is close to 6000 years old. Druid has come to mean “Seer, Sorcerer, Magician”; Druids were “Seers or Knowers of the Oaks”. Druids are the original pre-flood “Priests of Cain” who survived the Flood and continued as Chaldean Priests “Magi”. Celt means “Warrior”, the “Merchants and Profiteers of War” whose Chaplains will convince both sides of WWIII, God is on their side. WWIII is the “Prestige”, the 3rd and Final Act of Chaldean Magick, a War between Political Zionism and Islam that was planned long ago to usher in the New Age of Lucifer; Druids are his “Light Bringers”.

Zionism is both “Christian” and “Jewish” right? Wrong; Zionism is Chaldean-Ishmaelite-Edomite religion; Druidism is the source of Sunni and Shiite Islam, all Protestant Religions and Liberal, Orthodox and Roman Catholicism. Druidism is Gnosticism; both mean “To Know” as do Sophia “Wisdom”, Science, Logos (Logic) and Gnosis.

Nutshell history: Cainites are exterminated with the Flood (2348BC) except for Noah’s wife. Druids refer to her as Ceridwen or “Da Mater” the Mother of the Gods and “Genius of the Ark”. Ham “Black” sleeps with his mother, the “Sacred Union” gives birth to Canaan carrying the “Curse” of this incest. God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was not to take a wife of the Daughters of Canaan because of this. Canaanites then marry into Ishmaelite and Edomite families who defy the covenant made with their fathers. Rebels against God are recorded as Romani, Dom (Mask or Dominion), Brahmins, Cretan (Keltoi), Chaldean Magi, Hyksos (Foreign Shepherd Kings of Egypt), Priests of On (Heliopolis), Philistines, Priests of Dagan, Kahn Baals, Galatians (Gauls), Curetes, Boii, Essenes, Theraputae, Pharisees, Bohemians, Gypsies, Celts, Merovingians, Black Nobility, Farsi (Zoroastrian Priests ie Medean Magi), Latins, Albans, Etruscans, Augurs, Culdees (Celi De means “Client of God”), Jesuits “Society of Jesus” aka Militia of Zeus and Minerva” etc etc. The Priest-Kings over them are Druids, the original Black Nobility descended from Ham and his mother.

The House of Israel is divided between Joseph-Ephraim and Judah. Jesus is Melchisedek, the Priest of GOD and King of Jerusalem descended or Judah, not Druids, not British and certainly not Mormons.

[frame_left][/frame_left]God’s Priests and Patriarchs are Men; Satan’s Priests and Priestesses murder the Patriarchs and venerate Matriarchs. Asenath, an Amalekite (Canaanite.Edomite) daughter of the Chief Priest of Heliopolis Potiphera married Joseph (ca 1700 BC), Pharaoh’s Grand Vizier. Zionist, psychiatrist Immanuel Velikovsky claims Joseph was Imhotep; uh no, Imhotep was Amalekite/Hyksos more likely; his history doctored to mirror image that of Joseph who came to be falsely called Israel. Imhotep means “He came in Peace”; the Alternative Messiah (Pale Horse) will come in Peace, which is why the Peace Sign is an Upside Down Cross called the “Witch’s Foot”. Notice in Eze 37:16 and Rev 11:1, the House of Israel is judged on Joseph-Ephraim at the Altar of the Temple or Judah and Jesus Christ on the Porch. Stay on the Porch!! Now you know why Mormons are building Temples all over the world and claim descent from Joseph. Turning the Cross Upside Down and breaking the Cross-Bar is Ritual Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost in Witchcraft.

Joseph and Asenath became parents of Ephraim and Manasseh, today falsely claimed by Mormons. Mormons claim lineages stemming from Ephraim (European), Manasseh (Native) or Dan (Patriarchs), and hold Priesthoods belonging to Levi (Aaronic Priesthood), Judah (Melchisedek Priesthood); an impossibility under even the most vivid of imaginations. Joseph means “Adding”; Ephraim came to be called the 13th Tribe; notice Ephraim is not among the “Saved” tribes of Rev 7 and neither is Dan. Druids know this, which is why they invented the 13th Tribe story placing Ephraim at the head of America and Manasseh at the head of the British. Both are obvious lies.

Mary goes without saying; held as an Icon of the Catholic Church, she replaces God by introducing the Druid concept of Da Mater “Mother of God”.

Helena, daughter of Old King Coel (Coel b 88 AD; Coelius means Daughter of Heaven), a 1st century Druid King and Wizard, whores herself to Constantius, a Roman Praetorian charged with executing King Coel for Treason; their union produces Constantine the Great, the first Roman Emperor and Pope. The office of Priest-King is of Druid origin; Mormons also claim the title Priest-Kings by claiming the title Melchisedek Priest. Pretty Vain eh? The Cross in the Sky and “In Hoc Signo Vinces” became the symbols of “Christianity” and the motto of the Jesuits. Constantine declared Christmas, the Birth of Christ; it is not; Jesus was born on Feast of Tabernacles (September); Christ Mass means Sacrifice and Consumption of Jesus Christ. Constantine moved his Church to Byzantium (Constantinople= Istanbul) where it became the foundation of the Orthodox (Of the right opinion) Churches; they are not of the right opinion. Martin Luther made the Evergreen Tree the symbol of Christmas; it is a Druid Grove and “Christ Mass”, the sacrifice and consumption of the host in this case is Jesus Christ; the Lights represent “Festival of Lights” and the ornaments, Jesus followers, often children. Druid “Groves” were full of sacrifices, hung on Trees called “Thor’s Oaks”. Roman Catholic, Orthodox (Russian, Syrian, Assyrian, Greek, Coptic) Churches, and Protestant Churches all stem from the Druids. Quite a Coup eh? Not done yet; Islam also stems from the Druids. Hellene means “People of small stones”; Helleniic Greeks and Libertine Jews come from this false Druidic philosophy called Theosophy.

Khadijah “Trust in Jah” aka Khadijah al-Kubra “Kadijah the Great” a Quyrash (Korah started the false Edomite Priesthood in Moses and Aaron’s day during 40 yrs in the Arabian desert) princess marries Muhammad; the Quran is written and Sunni Islam is born. Khadijah and Muhammad’s daughter Fatimah marries Ali giving birth to Shia Islam; Under the Papal Chair of St Peter is the inscription “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet”; now you know why “Our Lady of Fatimah” is also popular with Roman Catholics. Twelver Imams Ali Khameini in Iran; Ali Sistani in Iraq will usher in “al-Mahdi” meaning “He who Rises”; Shia Assassins (Agha Khan IV in Paris) split Shia Islam; Terrorists and Revolutionaries are often trained in this framework as Taliban “Students” and Mujahideen “Warriors of Allah”. Allah is the Assyrian moon god Sin idolized by the Druid “Crescent”.

Roman Catholicism, Greek, Russian, Assyrian, Syrian “Orthodox”, Sunni and Shia Islam, and all Protestant Churches are all Druid based. We have become so numb to this, in Druid Hills, Atlanta (Atlantis), is the Druid Hills Presbyterian Church and the John Calvin fellowship. No thanks. Calvinism rests on 5 principles called TULIP (Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace and Fixed Pre-destination); all Druid in origin.

God prohibits Idols and Symbols (2nd Commandment); Druids use the Cross, Tree and Crescent. The Circled Cross is the oldest Chaldean symbol called the Celtic Cross; broken at the 4 axis, this became the Swastika “Broken Jew” or “Sun Wheel”. Americas first Flag (Ensign) was an Evergreen Tree (Tree of Knowledge). Talmudic Rabbis replace Old Testament Judaism with Kaballah “Work upon the Sacred Tree”. Kaballah and Ka’aba both mean “Sacred Enclosure” and both are Druid in origin; Stone Circles and Dolmen used for their Sacred Enclosures. The Palm Tree and Evergreen represent the same corrupt Tree called by the Norse Yggdrasil. Vikings? Latin for VI Kings; Latins one of the Pagan tribes of Rome. Human? The term is not in scripture, it means God Man. Trans-humanism? That’s rising above God. The Christian Cross? Sorry, that’s the Egyptian Ankh aka Sacred Tau. Lent? The Ash T is the mark of Tammuz not Jesus. The Ankh “Solar Cross or Tau” symbolizes the Crowned Sun “Solis Invicti” aka Christmas. The Red Cross and Red Crescent became symbols of the world’s favorite Charities; both Druid in origin.

Jesus was Hung on a Tree being made the Curse per the Law He wrote in Deut 21:23. He “Saves” those on His right side. Druids hang sacrifices on Trees in Groves called “Thor’s Oaks”; saving those who consume the blood of the victim dedicated to Belenus, the right side of the Tree. Kahn-Baal means Priest of Baal or Belenus. The primary symbols of Belenus” Bull, Lion, Serpent and Flame are in plain sight. The Golden Bull of Wall St, Egyptian Apis Bull, White Bull (Zeus), Egyptian Sphinx and Rothschild (Red Shield) Coat of Arms to name a few. The Serpent is visible as the Red Dragon, under the spear of Pallas-Athena (Lady of Freedom) or St George, on America’s 2nd Flag, Ben Franklin’s first map of the 13 Colonies joined by the Serpent, on the US$1 Bill or the Tea (Tammuz) Party Logo. The Flame is the Torch carried by Prometheus at Rockefeller Center, Lady Freedom, the Statue of Liberty, on Catholic, Anglican or Orthodox Priest Mitres or the Minarets on every Muslim, Hindu and Orthodox Shrine on earth. Funny how Water Drops assume this shape and Druids wear the exact opposite to provoke the LORD to anger isn’t it? The Druid impact on false “Christianity” is immense.

Constantine’s Druid wife Helena declared Mt Sinai is in Egypt; it is in Arabia as Gal 4 states; Why Galatians? They were heavily influenced by Druids who worshipped Cybele (Ka Baal) as Queen of Heaven; the Yarmulke, worn by Talmudists, Zionists, Pharisees and Rabbis; the Zuchetto worn by Catholic Popes, Cardinals, and Bishops or the Kippah hidden under Fedoras, Papal, Orthodox or Anglican Mitres is the “Cap of Cybele”, a Druid invention. Dr Rowan Williams heads the Church of England as an ordained Druid; Hello! 300 years after the Crucifixion, Helena found pieces of the True Cross; Jesus was Crucified on a Tree, not a Cross. She even finds the Nails and obtains a confession Jews Crucified Jesus; the Talmudic Rabbis open Synagogue with the Sign of Shin meaning Nail. Pharisees conspired to Crucify Jesus; they were Druid, not Jewish; in Iran they are called Farsi from Pars. Every Catholic Cathedral is Consecrated using an Idol of some sort. Amazing isn’t it? Lucky Rabbit’s Foot? Anammelech is the Rabbit Idol Chaldeans brought to Israel to be venerated at Easter. Pine Cones to sprinkle “Holy Water” or Kissing under Mistletoe are also Druid in origin.

Helena, the Druid Princess moved the Mt of Olives to the spot where a Temple of Venus stood. Soon, the Druid “Merchants of War” had Christians fighting alongside Pagans, and Crusaders “Warriors of the Cross” fighting Muslim Assassins “Warriors of the Crescent”, cheered on by Arab Monks called Sufis. Assassins, Twelvers (Tehran was the first Jesuit acquisition; Twelver Imans are trained there), Knights Hospitaller (SMOM “Knights of Malta”) and Knights Templar are all securing the home of Antichrist and Satan’s Seat “Pergamon”. Shriners “Noble Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine” wear a Red Fez with Scimitars in celebration of dead Christians at the founding of Islam. Quite a coup eh? Not done yet.

God’s altars are made with rough stones; Freemasons fashion Stones. The Sanhedrin tramples a Cross and walks up 33 steps passed rough stones on the left and finished stones on the right to the Judges Chambers Freemasons become Sovereign (No higher Rank) at the 33rd Level. Masons ritually Blaspheme the Holy Ghost at the Rainbow Arch Degree by declaring God is a Trinity of Jah, Baal and Osiris called “JahBulOn”; Rainbow Coalition or LBGT Movement? Druid; God calls them Sodomite. Joseph, the supposed Patriarch of the British had the “Coat of Many Colors”; Druids refer to Joseph as Imothep, the Grand Pyramid Architect of Egypt; Masons are the Pyramid Builders today, “G” Men if you will, whose Grand Architect of the Universe is anything but God; likely a combination of Imhotep and Hyrum of Tyre, the architect of Solomon’s Temple. Ritual homosexuality and pederasty “Mentorship” is a rite of passage extending back to Spartan, Theban, Teutonic, Templar and Samurai “Knights”; eg Alexander the Great with Hephaestion or Achilles with Patroclus. All Druid in origin.

Vizier means “Do Twice, Repeat or Double”; Joseph means “Adding”; Joseph was Pharaohs Vizier. The Pyramid on the US $1 Bill has 13 courses; Joseph added the so-called 13th Tribe. Merovingian (Merovee means Sea Beast ie Sun) France originated the Holy Grail legends; BS? Oh, Heaven’s yes, Druids often fill rolls as Mayors of the Palace (VP’s, Chief of Staff, National Security Advisor etc), they are the ones who convince Presidents, Caesars, Czars, Pharaohs, Kings, Emperors and Sultans they are Gods. Minister “One who works at the behest with full authority of another” Prime Minister “Minister above all other Ministers”. Above Prime Ministers? Druids.

Druids call Parliament “Meeting of the Owls” and Congress (Congredi) “Meeting for War”; now these Druid bodies control the western nations. WWI was instigated by Druid Col Mandell House; WWII by Druid Winston Churchill. Druids held themselves above Kings as “Creators of the Universe”; Prime Minister refers to “One who works under a Druid”. The education of a Druid required 25 years; today we call this a Doctor of Druid Philosophy “PhD”.

The Druid Calendar combines the + and X, dividing the Wheel of the Year into 8 segments of Sabats and Cross Quarter Sabats used in Witchcraft Yule, Imbolg, Ostara, Beltaine, Midsummer, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhein; now you know where the British Flag comes from. B’Rith means “Covenent Men” Which covenant? Birthright ie Cain, Japheth, Joktan (Arabs), Haran (Sabians of Haran “Solar Priests”; Sabah means Sunrise) Ishmael, Esau. Druids invented King Arthur and the 12 Knights of the Round Table; Arthur (Arcturas) and the Great Bear (Ursa Major) circling the Pole Star through 12 Signs of the Zodiac blaspheme Jesus and His 12 Apostles. Draco, the Celestial Dragon encircles the “World Pole”. Stonehenge frames the Solstice Rising Sun between the Trilothon Stones forming a Cross, annually; on 12/21/2012, Druids will see the + and the X formed with the Sun forming the Crown of a 9 pt Star; 9 is the mumber representing Finality of Judgment. Stone Circles, Astrology and Dragon Mythology are also of Druid origin; now you know why China has the Red Dragon as its Ensign and why 2012 is the Year of the Dragon.

7 yr Tribulation? Rapture? Peace Treaty? Druid lies. The Chi-Rho Symbol an astrological representation of 12/21/2012 aka; Joseph’s son Ephraim the 13th “son” of Jacob aka 13th Tribe Heard that term before? Ephraim is not among the 12 “Saved” Tribes in Rev 7.

The Mayan Calender? Mayans had nothing to do with that; it was chiseled in stone as the Calendar in the Round. Egyptian and Mesoamerican Pyramids were built by slaves of Chaldean Druid Priests; Aztec, like Laban means “To Make White”.

Druids sacrificed humans and drank their blood as it ran from the offering table of their god Belenus on Sabats; Vampires and Cannibals came from Druid (Chaldean) Priests “Kahn-Baals”.

Druids brought us William Shakespeare, the nom de plume (Pseudonym) of Sir Francis Bacon and his “Invisible College” aka “Knights of the Golden Helmet”; Whose helmet? Pallas-Athena (Roman Minerva) was known as helmeted “Spear-shaker”; she stands proudly facing East atop the US Capitol; Why? She is the daughter of Zeus and Capitol means “Womb of Zeus”. The Society of Jesus is actually the “Militia of Zeus and Minerva”; they meet for War in Congress. It’s really not that difficult is it? Druids functioned as Priests, Judges, Executioners, Educators and Government officials, Pallas, a Greek Giant and Athena, the godddess of Statecraft (Government) and Wisdom (Science=To Know=Gnosis).

There are over 100 Knightly Orders all derived from the Druids. Prince William, the 1000th Knight of the Royal Order of the Garter claims a heraldry going back to Cain; well, really his mother, amazing eh? A Garter is called the “Witch’s Belt”. Most Nations Government officials belong to one Knightly Order or another; Knight means “Person in service to the Queen of Heaven” (Cybele/Ishtar etc). Druids wrote nothing; everything was passed on orally; on William Shakespear’s Monument is Shakespeare holding a quill pen over a blank parchment meaning he wrote nothing; on the original monument, his hands are on a Wool Sack meaning Druids “Pulled the Wool over our Eyes”. Bacon’s illegitimate parents being John Dee “007” “Father of Secret Ciphers”, a Welsh Rosicrucian Druid “Magi” with a “License to Kill” and Queen Elizabeth I (Mona Lisa?), the daughter of Druid Witch Anne Boleyn; Why? Buggery is a ritual Druid, Templar, Freemason initiation (rumor has it she initiated quite a few in her day). The Isle of Mona, the Seat of the Druids and Elizabeth aka Lisa and Mona Lisa; some Druid Sting eh? A Sting is a “Rigged Game”; the players are WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) and Bees, the Chaldean Word for, you guessed it Word; a Lie of course. Hexagram? Druid. Star of David? He never used that; Bees live there.

Celtic Warriors came to be called “Head Hunters”, revering the Skulls of victims much as the Skull & Bones Society does today. Corporations (Corpus=Body) “Head Hunters” a way of hiding the fact initiation is required to attain high Corporate offices. St Denis began the “Cult of the Severed Head”; his Cathedral in Paris also of Druid origin; Knights Templar worshipped a Severed Head as well. Paris, founded in 250 BC is named after the Celtic Parisii tribe; sounds like Pharisee because they are one in the same. Sermons preached by a Severed Head? Seriously? Gnostic Johnitters worshipped the severed head of John the Baptist; Edomites severed his head.

Pagans carried the Twisted Crucifix in commemoration of the Tree Jesus was Crucified on; Pharisees insisted on nailing Him to that Tree; Roman Catholics were introduced to the Crucifix and today, Popes JP II and Benedict XVI openly carry the same Twisted Crucifix an no body seems to care. Roman “Man”; Catholic “Universal” Church will be Crucified on the Druid Altar to form the New Age, a Universal Church of United Nations.

Science is Druid origin; 1 Tim 6:12KJV describes Science as “Vain and Profane Babblings” in opposition to God. Profane means “Blasphemous contempt of God”; Black Holes, Big Bang, God Particles and Evolution? Seriously?

The LBGT movement is not new; the Wicked Sinners “Men of Sodom” were of Chaldean ie Druid origin. Monastic Orders are as numerous as Knightly Orders and they all have a Druid foundation; Churchill for instance was a bi-sexual Druid and 330 Freemason. If God wanted people to be Monks, Friars, Nuns, Vestals or Ascetics living in Monastery’s and Convents or traveling the world as Vagabonds or Nomads don’t you suppose these words would be somewhere in Scripture? You will find them right next to Missionary and Sermon, 2 more concepts of Druid origin. Reverend? How about Very Reverend? These terms are Druid in origin; the only time Reverend appears in Scripture is a description of God in Flesh. Sermon on the Mount? Jesus opened His mouth; He never gave a Sermon; He left that to the Druids in the “High Places” (Groves).

Druid Priestesses were initiated by guarding the Sacred Eternal Flame in a Stone Enclosure behind a Circular Hedge; Rome called them Vestal Virgins. The Eternal Flame seen on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arlington National Cemetary”. Unknown to Druids, perhaps, but every hair on their needlessly sacrificed head known to God. Flames everywhere on Orthodox and Roman Mitres can be seen atop Orthodox and Muslim Shrines, the Statue of Liberty, Columbia, Britannia, and Lady Freedom standing atop the Capitol Dome in Washington DC 19.5ft tall to mimic the Metonic Cycle of the Sun and Moon. The Statue of Freedom is Minerva; Jesuits are the Militia of Zeus and Minerva”; aka Druids. The 19.5yr Solar/Lunar Cycle combined with the 400X Size and 400X Distance of the Sun compared to the Moon allowed Druids to accurately predict Solstices, Sunrise/Set Points, Moonrise/Set Points, Lunar and Solar Eclipses used to time Sabat Sacrifices. Druid Priests as “Creators of the Universe” took credit for these and offered Sacrifices accordingly.

Druid “Priests of the Grove” originated as Chaldean “Konn-Torrs” “Priests of the Revolver” aka Revolutionaries, many French Revolutionaries are venerated at the Pantheon in Paris under what else but a Pendulum. The Yearly Solar Track over an Obelisk forms the Yin Yang. Dialectic is the Synthesis created by conflict; again, Druid in origin.

God knows everyone’s Thoughts, Words and Deeds and will Judge accordingly; Druid Priests aka Inquisitors and Conquistadores extracted Confessions, and offered Atonement through Self Sacrifice; Jesus offered Himself once and for all. Jesus said “Call no man on earth Father; Pedophile Priests called Father absolve Sins? Seriously? The Spanish Inquisition? The real Spanish were Celtic Pagans called Basques, who pretended to be Catholic, Jewish or Muslim in public. Marranos or Cryptos are appropriate names, not Christian, Jew or Muslim. Funny, how US Presidents are always thanking parents for the sacrifice of their sons and daughters; NOT! No wonder America claims to have been “Discovered” by a Crypto Conquistador named Columbus.

Druids were Spell Casters, Shaman, Medicine Men, Magicians who influence countless religions; Gypsies who divine and usher in the future “Inaugurate” by Augury. They are Bohemians (Celtic Boii) of the Grove; Bohemian Grove has some 2700 world leaders as initiates. Druids were Weather Forecasters; Evergreen Air uses the same Evergreen Tree and has the worldwide contract for Weather Modification through Arial Spraying of Chemtrails.

Tattooing and Cutting have Druid origin from the Picts (Tatooed Folk); Russian Mafia tell their life stories with Tattoos, as do Scots with Tartan (Plaid); Presbyterian plaid was once outlawed; now it’s celebrated annually at “Kirkin O Tartan” (Church of the Assyrian Army). Druids were above the Law because they were the Law; MAFIA is an acronym for “Mazzini Authorizes Theft Fire and Poison”; Mazzini? an Italian Freemason and Revolutionary. The Mafia controls the Drug and Liquor trade; Prohibition a Protestant Church creation created vast wealth for Moonshiners there’s that Druid Crescent Moon again. Laundered money from these operations are kept in Switzerland; there’s that Red Cross again.

Trans-migration of Souls, Reincarnation and Limited Atonement are of Druid origin; John Calvin? Oh, he was Cohen “Priest of Cain” Buddha? Gotama means “World Pole” every Druid knows about Asherah Poles. Qutb means World Pole; Sayyid Qutb coined the term “al-Qaeda”; Whirling Dervish? Sufis? Maypole Dancing? Yup, all Druid. KKK? Knights of the Kyklos Klan; Druid. Kagan “Priestess of Cain”; how ’bout that, a Druid Khazar priestess on the Supreme Court.

Druids venerated a Tree with 2 Branches, a Trunk and Crown representing their gods. Teutates “God of the People” had attributes of Mars (Greek Aries) the “God of War” and Mercury (Hermes) the “God of Healing”. Bards often functioning as Battlefield Medics were largely immune to attack. His sacrificial victims were required to be drowned in sacred wells or pools. War and Healing? Seriously? Esus “Lord and Master” was the Left Branch. Jesus? Not on your eternal life! Esus required his sacrificial victims to be hanged and stabbed; Why not, Jesus was Hanged and Stabbed on the Druid Tree. Belenus the pastoral god required sacrifices to pass through the fire on Beltaine “May Day”, their blood drained from the offering table and consumed by initiates; Priests hide this with Sacrament Consummation on Dies Solis (Sunday). Taranis the Thunder god “Thor”, “Lightning Bolts”, Jupiter “King Star” (Capitol=Womb of Jupiter/Zeus) required war prisoners to be burned in Effigy “Wicker Men” such as those burned annually at Bohemian Grove to the 40ft Owl Molech (Parliament means “Gathering of Owls”; Molech means Lord and King).

Druids had 3 classes: Druids, Knights and Slaves. The path to becoming a Druid is through Knighthood; it is about as Wide as it can get. The path out of being a Slave is through Jesus Christ; The Narrow Path. Where is He? In your Prayer Closet not in the Grove. It’s way past Time to Separate from this nonsense and join the Holy and Ekklesia “Separate” Church. Tell the Priestesses, Sodomites and Druid Wizards on the podiums and pulpits like the Druids “Dumbledore” and “Gandolf” you’ve had enough Chaldean Magick in this life!

Are you a Druid? That’s easy: Are you a Protestant, Catholic, Talmudic “Jew” or Muslim? Yes. Are you initiated in a Knightly Order or Secret Society? Yes. Are you a Scientist? Likely. Are you a Politician? Yes. Sorry to say folks, but there is about a 97% chance you and I are Druid or influenced by Druids. The only way out of the Grove is passed Jesus Christ. No Druid Priest required, only a One on One relationship with the Creator of the Universe!

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Incredible read. I had not made the Druid leap (at all) and had been focused on the Skythian / Arian connection. I’m going to reread tonight - tons of new content (to me) that I don’t want to overlook.

Side note, I’ve been chasing down ‘Cybele / Kybele’ in a seperate thread, but wanted to add to this here as well.

Before the Vatican, in it’s place was the temple of Cybele. Cybele/ Kybele was the daughter of the Phrygian sky-god and earth-mother. She was born as an hermaphrodite named Agdistis who was castrated by the gods to become the Goddess Cybele/Kybele. Cybele, in one of the earliests texts describing her, was a Daimon, with two sexual organs, male and female. They call the daimon Agdistis [Kybele]. But the gods, fearing Agdistis, cut off the male organ. There grew up from it an almond-tree with its fruit ripe, and a daughter of the river Saggarios (Sangarius), they say, took the fruit and laid it in her bosom, when it at once disappeared, but she was with child. A boy [Attis] was born." Cybele, once the boy grew, had incestuous relations (see reference to orgibal post by CabalKiller regarding Canaanites and incest) with Attis, from which, Dionysus (Bacchus) was allegedly born.

Quick Recap: Hemaphrodite demon (Cybele), has incestuous relationship with Attis, and gives birth to Dionysus (Baccusb, god of debauchery, gluttoney, sexual promiscuoty and represented by a bull, ram and/or he-goat.

BACK TO ATTIS (son/lover of Cybele):
A boy was born, but was raised by a he-goat. As he grew up his beauty was more than human, and Agdistis [Kybele] fell in love with him. When he had grown up, Attis was sent by his relatives to Pessinos [city in Phrygia], that he might wed the king’s daughter. The marriage-song was being sung, when Agdistis appeared, and Attis went mad and cut off his genitals, as also did he who was giving him his daughter in marriage. But Agdistis repented of what she had done to Attis, and persuaded Zeus to grant the body of Attis should neither rot at all nor decay. These are the most popular forms of the legend of Attis." (NOTE: Today, the concept of ‘incorruptability is STILL alive and well. In this practice, Saints are cannonized and deemed ‘holy’ when their bodies fail to rot. Many are still open for viewing, in glass caskets, all over the world).

Cybele was worshipped through most of central asia, the middle East and Africa. She was revered as the “Magna Mater (Great Mother)” (see Druid reference anove about the druid ‘Mater’) and was appeased through orgiatic rituals and blood sacrifices. She has an annual Festival begginning March 15 (called Blood Week) and ending March 24th. During this festival, on March 17th, the people celebrated Baccus (Dionysis) the god of wine and debauchery. On March 24th, the Blood Day, ritual sacrifices occured, and throughout the week, the temple priestesses and eunuchs participated in ritual sex acts, the only time of year they were allowed to partake in intercourse. Cybele was the goddess of the Pine tree, honeybees, lions and eunuchs, since she started off a hemaphrodite, but ended up a woman. Today, even still, Christians have been indoctrinated with Evergreen symbolism, and other pagan celebrations.


  2. CYBELE BEGGED ZEUS FOR ATTIS FLESH NOT ROT = CATHOLIC INCORRUPTABILITY (sainst canonized if body didn’t decompose)
  4. MAR 17 Celebration of BACCUS = Mar 17 Celebration of St Patrick

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Hot damn! I have GOOSEBUMPS! The catholic connection is intense. Wow can’t wait to go dig on this myself :slight_smile:

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